100 Years Of Elks In Hawai’i

The stories presented on the right menu serve as portals through which we can travel in time. You can be at the first meeting of Lodge 616. Are public performances of the hula sinful? You can attend a 1911 Carnival and hear the debate. Travel to a time when beer was a family health food. Follow the adventures of rascals and the upright. Find out how, in time of war, the Elks were denounced as disloyal and failing to support the troops.

These are a few of the great stories from the history of Elks in Hawaii. History is poorly told when listing dry facts of dates and kings, wars and politics. It is best told in the stories of real people and events. History is told in stories

that may make you laugh and in stories that make you cry. There may even be stories that make you angry. I hope the telling of these stories can make us all better Elks, and inspire us to carry out the best parts of the principles by which those first Hawaii Elks were guided. When you’re next in the Club, why not ask the nearest senior Elk a few leading questions? Who knows what you’ll learn. Try asking the guys if they played in the muumuu baseball games? Or do they remember when the Elks ran the Hula Bowl game to raise money for the Elks free milk in the school program? Go ahead, ask. After all, why should the historians have all the fun?

If you’re new to Hawaii or webbing in from afar, Elks Lodge 616 hopes these stories will help you know Hawaii as a community of real people – complex and multidimensional – much more than a movie poster or a night club show.

Anita Manning, Lodge 616 Historian

General History - 100 Years of Elks history in Hawaii

Carnival Series - Biographies of important Elks members over the last 100 years

Flag Day - Learn about the history of Flag Day and the Honolulu Elks Lodge 616.

Biographies - Biographies of important Elks members over the last 100 years

Seasonal Events - Elks holidays and events over the years

Scouting - The beginning of Elks scouting and its role in the war. 100 Years of scouting in Hawaii

World War I  - Stories of the Elks during World War I

World War II  - Stories of the Elks during World War II

Lodge Building - Interesting facts about the history of the Elks Lodge




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http://www.elkshistory.org/ – Rich history of the Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks from inception in 1868 until the late 1940′s.